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Put an end to red spots!

Perhaps none of us have absolutely perfect and flawless skin. Some women have acne and breakouts, others have extremely dry skin. However, many girls suffer from red spots on their face that appear as a sign of acne or around the nose. Even worse are dark circles around the eyes. These are really hard to hide, especially if you don\’t want to smother your skin with layers of makeup.
Color correctors have been on the market for not too long. Most of them are solid, but liquid versions can be found on the Internet, in drugstores, and in perfume stores. Some are sold individually and others in palettes. The four basic colors are yellow, purple, green, and orange or pink.
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Salmon Concealer

If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, salmon concealer can help. The darker color is balanced by the orange color, which is definitely more effective than the classic beige color.

Green Concealer

If you suffer from skin redness, a green concealer will surely be your holy grail. Green is excellent for neutralizing red spots. It won\’t show through even under makeup. Isn\’t it fabulous?
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Yellow concealer

Yellow concealer can be used on the eyelids, for example. It can give a healthy tint to the skin and is also useful if you need to hide bruises.

Purple concealer

Purple concealers are designed to brighten your face. It can also be used if you have a yellowish skin tone and want to neutralize it a bit.
Personally, I recommend applying these concealers to the skin, blending with a sponge or appropriate brush, and then applying more makeup. Cover the dark circles under the eyes with another concealer and put concealer on the areas that really need it. Then powder on in the classic way. These concealers tend to be lightweight, so don\’t worry about them feeling like a mask.
Lipstick can be used in place of orange concealer, but the appropriate shade must be chosen.