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Taller, taller, tallest building

1. the Burj Khalifa –
12] The Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai
has been one of the
tallest buildings in the world since 2010
– As such, it is equipped with elevators that can reach speeds of 65 kilometers per hour
. The Burj Khalifa also boasts the world\’s highest number of building floors and the world\’s fastest elevators .
– Once at the top, a truly heavenly view awaits, not for those who are afraid of heights. The Burj Khalifa\’s total height is 828 meters .
– It is also known for having the lowest wages for construction workers.
– The architects commissioned to build it wereSkidmore Owings and Merrill,specificallyAdrian Smith,and they have already built several gems.
panoráma města v noci

2. Shanghai Tower [42].
– This tower is located in China, specificallyShanghaiand, as its name suggests,was built in 2015.
– At 632 meters tall, it is behind the Burj Khalifa; [50] in 2016
it was to be surpassedby the Sky City. However, due to the project\’s abrupt halt, that benchmark has been put on hold.
– Construction was led by the world-renowned Gensler Corporation,which has built buildings in more than 46 countriesworldwide.
– In one respect, however, the Shanghai Tower has managed to surpass the Burj Khalifa. It is a highly ecological building, utilizing natural elements such as wind, sun, and water.
– Financially, the Shanghai Tower was also much better off. The construction cost was almost$2.5 billion,
and the tower was built in the same way as the Shanghai Tower, skleněný mrakodrap
and the cost was much lower than the Shanghai Tower.
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For comparison, let\’s look at buildings in the Czech Republic: the tallest building in [74] Brno [75] was named the [76] AZ Tower [77] and boasts [78] 111 meters [79]. But the Burj Khalifa skyscraper [80] fits seven times [81] that height.