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Saturday Cinema

It is a fact, and has been proven otherwise, that fewer people go to the theater than go to the cinema. Why is that? If you go to a proper movie theater, there are many effects you should see in a movie theater. Plus, there is the added benefit of being able to drink a Coke while chomping down on popcorn. No one seems to know why these people don\’t do it at home and disturb others, but that is not the point of the article. The real issue, the claim being made about the bait, is that if it wasn\’t sold, movie theaters would go out of business. And what do you like to go see? Do you and your partner have different views and different interests in movies? It may be that men prefer to watch horror or action movies, while women prefer romantic ones. In this case, it is quite difficult to choose so that the wolf eats and the goat remains whole. Not to say it can\’t be done, but still.

filmové kotouče

In this case, it would be best to go for a comedy. That should suit the two of them. Unfortunately, the classics, such as the works of M. Funès and Jean-Pierre Richard, are probably not for young people anymore. Those classics have long been snowed under. Like the silent films that entertained audiences with Frigo, Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.


Contemporary comedy perhaps offers something different.

Another possibility is for partners to take turns going to the cinema. That is, one is chosen by the single man and the other by the woman. At first, one hopes that the latter will like a genre that he does not already like. Even if he does not, they are still together. Unfortunately, the other will probably get bored, but his presence proves to his partner that he cares about him and that he likes him.

If you are going to the cinema with your family, you already know what you are going to see and it is obvious that the choice is suitable for everyone. It is not a good idea to take your children to an erotic or horror movie. No, I am not a posh person, but I rather believe that children will fully enjoy something similar or the same in their lives.

So, shall we all go see a movie together?