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Villains are the stars or modern movie trends

In the past, when we watched television, whether it was a movie or a TV show, we saw our favorite hero and rooted for him to fight evil. Everyone despised Cinderella\’s stepmother, cheered for Superman, or looked forward to Columbo catching the bad guys. But the 21st century is a turbulent time in which we try to understand evil instead of just vilifying it. As a result, we often see movies and TV shows in which the villain is the main character. This is a trend that can be seen not only in movies for adults, but also in fairy tales and movies for teenagers. What are the most famous?

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Maleficent – Queen of Black Magic

Everyone probably knows the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. Have you ever wondered why the wicked witch wanted to curse her in the first place? In “The Queen of Black Magic,” which depicts the story from the perspective of the witch herself, played by Angelina Jolie, we find out. The story shows that there are two sides to every coin and that evil is merely a part of human nature.


Vampires were once thought to be evil, blood-sucking monsters that could only be seen in horror films. The big breakthrough in this theme came in the last century with the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” in which we met two vampires we immediately liked. But even here, their primal desire and true nature was to suck human blood, and their faces would turn monstrous and grim. This is where the book, and later the movie, “Twilight,” about vampires, a favorite of teenagers in particular, really took off. In “Twilight,” a family of vampires with human blood are introduced. The sun then turns them into glowing demigods without harming them. This is a romantic story about a not-so-beautiful or interesting girl who falls in love with a very attractive vampire and decides to spend the rest of her life with him. It is difficult for older generations to understand, but popular among young people.

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Suicide Squad

If you like superheroes, you probably know about the X-Men and the Avengers, a group of superheroes trying to stop the apocalypse. Suicide Squad has a similar theme, but in this film, instead of heroes, super villains stop the apocalypse. The most popular character in the film is undoubtedly the gorgeous Harley Quinn, girlfriend of the famous villain, the Joker. But there\’s also the unicorn-loving Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, the best marksman and devoted father, or, for example, the Alligator Man, turned into a monster by the company. Don\’t be fooled, they are still villains, but their hearts are in the right place.

And then?

But let\’s not forget about other super-villains who have gained popularity in this century. For example, the popular serial killer Dexter, the sympathetic Stalker Joe from the “You” series, or the Joker.