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Should children learn about different cultures in school?

There are few problems that plague today\’s society as much as the ever-increasing migration. After all, you just need to see what problems they have in Germany or France for it. Our country has a slight advantage in that it is essentially a transit state where the majority of immigrants pass further west. But some remain here.

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Of course, this raises many questions related to this issue. And one of them is whether school children, especially children in primary education, should learn about other cultures and customs.1 One group argues that this is essentially necessary today, while another argues that we should focus primarily on our country and our traditions. As it happens, the answer is not very simple.

The truth is, it\’s good to feel like we\’re coming from somewhere and have something to be proud of. Following certain traditions gives us a sense of cohesion and unites us with our ancestors. This is good for fostering healthy self-esteem because it is a good foundation on which we can bounce back.

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On the other hand, it is true that people from other countries with different traditions feel the same way. Just because we were born here does not mean that our habits are better than their habits, clothes, certain traditions, behaviors, or anything else, and that\’s definitely something children should learn in today\’s globalized world.

You also need to admit that if you have too much pride in your country, you will not notice the mistakes of the current political scene, history, and even customs. All this may seem pointless to an unbiased observer, but many can defend it literally at any cost. This often leads to excessive nationalism, which leads to discrimination against other countries, but this is also not something we should support. Therefore, there is no harm for children to know that life in other countries is completely different from our country. It\’s not bad or good, it\’s just different.