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Wedding Gift – Money

How to ask for such a gift

The most appropriate gift for your upcoming wedding would be cash. Nowadays, such gifts are quite popular. This also prevents embarrassing moments when unwrapping, when some gifts are more ostentatious than others. Guests should know that they are invited to spend this special moment with the newlyweds, not for selfish reasons. While some people are teased by this gift, it is generally practical. And the newlyweds can decide for themselves what they want to get with the money. The newlyweds simply choose how they want to spend it. While the joyous moment of unwrapping during the celebration may be deprived, reading the congratulations may be a joyous event as well.
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But how should such a gift be requested? For example, the invitation could have a beautiful text on it, where one could express one\’s wishes in a poem, or one could put a card in an envelope along with the invitation, with instructions for the wedding, and add this request. In this case, some wedding invitations already have a pocket provided.

The second option is on the web, where some couples set up a wedding website, where this wish can also be conveyed in addition to the instructions about the ceremony. However, if such wishes are communicated to guests who are not invited, this can create an awkward situation. In addition, some invited guests do not respect this wish and bring material gifts. The fiancées should be prepared for this eventuality. It is certainly inappropriate to give only an account number and ask for a cash transfer there.

The proper way to give such a gift

Even moments like handing over an envelope can be interesting. Just think of the packaging, and the surprise can be a world of its own. Perhaps you could even wrap the money as a donation to the honeymoon.

Such a gift may be too impersonal and tasteless for someone. But it depends on the form and manner in which this gift is given. There are many creative ideas that can be considered, for example, tasteful wrapping after the fiancé\’s profession.
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How much is appropriate to provide

It is up to each person to decide how much to donate, and it is fair to assume that it depends on their relationship with the newlyweds and their financial ability. In general, it is expected that parents and witnesses will wrap a little more, but it is not possible to give a generally correct figure. As long as the invited guests come and enjoy themselves, they do not care how much they have given.