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Sorry to keep you waiting!

… And my throat tightened. What if I blew it? I\’ll become an irresponsible alcoholic, lose my licensescoremoney. Better not to drink anything!

Getting to zero alcohol sometimes takes longer than we think. Even someone who only drinks alcohol on holidays may find himself in the situation described above. And if he is not strictly ignorant, during such a check he experiences a moment of fear. He is embarrassed. And, fortunately, some accident has not yet occurred. If it does, it will be worse. The law of consent is known to be untenable. So how long after drinking can one safely get behind the wheel?
pití za volantem
Alcohol gradually enters the blood through the digestive system. The body then begins to break it down as a foreign substance. However, its speed depends on various factors.
Our bodies excrete alcohol through urine, sweat, and exhalation. The digestive system also processes some of it. This is largely due to gender,height, and weight. It also depends on how fast one consumes alcohol.
žena s vínem
As for gender, women are at a disadvantage. Yes, ladies, it\’s unfair, but it\’s true. Your bodies take longer to break down alcohol than men. It is important to note, however, that this is largely due to the fact that women usually weigh less. So, for example, a
weighing 60 kg can break down a 10-pack of beer in 4 hours, whereas a manweighing 85 kg can do so in 2.5 hours. This woman can finish a 12-pack of beer in 4.5 hours, while this man can finish it in less than 3 hours!

Of course, it\’s best to plan ahead and figure out when is the best time to calm down and drive. And when to drink quietly. But sometimes life throws us into tricky situations. Alcohol meters can help determine if your current condition is suitable for driving. Many alcohol measuring devices are currently available on the market. However, readings should be used as a guide only. You can also use alcohol calculator apps for smartphones. Try it, you may be surprised!