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Superstitions and Myths about Travel

I am sure you have heard of the various superstitions and myths that are circulating around the world. Today, let\’s look at a few of them together and tell you what they really are and what they are not .
Maybe the superstition that there is nothing but snow and frost in Norway has reached you. That\’s because just because you go there to see the Northern Lights doesn\’t mean you\’re in the Arctic Circle. In fact, beyond the Arctic Circle there is only Spitsbergen Island, a group of islands quite far from the Norwegian coast. In southern Norway, there is a spring, summer, fall, and winter season, just like ours. Here, however, nature blooms at the end of spring, and temperatures are not as high as here. However, nothing prevents summer from being around 25 degrees Celsius.
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Do you really think the Great Wall of China is visible from space? If so, you are very wrong. The Great Wall may be the longest structure in the world, but it will never be visible from space.
In fact, Iran is not at all as dangerous and inaccessible to tourists as it is said to be. You need to apply for a visa, but that does not mean it is a dangerous place. However, it is best to visit with someone who knows the area. If they at least know the language, that would be ideal. The people here follow the rules and have a different culture, but they are not dangerous. Talking to tourists can even get you in trouble.
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Visiting Thailand does not mean big parties and strange people. In Bangkok, such things may be the case. But if you choose a destination in the countryside or by the sea, you definitely won\’t have to worry about yourself. Thais are very peaceful people.
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If there is one thing that is really true, it is that you should avoid the New York City subway at night. It is no idle nonsense that New York City is known as the city that never sleeps. For families at night, opt for the bus instead. Drivers will stop wherever you ask them to, even if it is not at a stop sign. Hotels may be in areas that are not safe at night at all.