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Boat trip to Dresden

Boat trip
For a boat trip to this beautiful German city, you have options. You can arrange payment from Dessin to Dresden. Additionally, you can arrange other services that can make your cruise even more enjoyable. Lunch, multi-course dinners, or a buffet of your choice are available. We also offer a full buffet with all-you-can-eat food and beverages throughout the cruise. Of course, if you want to surprise your partner or someone else, you can take advantage of our special romantic cruises. There is also a wine tasting option. You can often choose the number of wines to be tasted. You can combine the programs that work best for you. Enjoy your cruise and have a great time!
zámek v drážďanech
How much does it cost?
What do you think about the prices? Do you think they are obviously high? Not at all, such cruises start at 500 CZK per person. Of course, this depends on the services you want to enjoy on board. In many cases, you can also find various special offers on discount portals, the prices of which are very reasonable.
kostel v drážďanech
Once you arrive in Dresden, you can return directly to port in the evening. Another option is to stay and sightsee. There is so much to see and do here that you will never be bored. In addition, you can enjoy shopping in this city. There are countless shopping malls and shopping streets to choose from. In the evening, you can enjoy coffee and dessert or dinner with friends at a restaurant.
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If you decide to stay here for a few days, you definitely can. Divide something up each day. Shop one day, sightsee the next, and relax on the third day. …… You can then return to Desyn by boat and take the train to Prague. Or you can take the train directly from Dresden to anywhere. Take advantage of this travel option and enjoy your trip. You will experience the beauty from a completely different perspective. I wish you all a wonderful cruise.