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The Ainu, a mysterious people of the Japanese archipelago

The Ainu, a mysterious people with no connection to the Japanese. They worshipped Kaima as a god. It waspersonified by the bear cub, which hunters sometimes hunted in the mountains and brought alive to the village. for two years they cared for the bear cub as best they could. Every villager gave the bear the most delicious food available at home. After these two years, the bear is ritually killed. During the ceremony, a ritual dance is performed. According to Aima beliefs, the bear dies, but its soul remains with them. This bear\’s soul persuades other bears in the forest to move closer to the village. The Aima tribe then hunts them and gets a lot of food.
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They were the first

nation. In the year six hundred and fifty-five, several representatives of this nation appeared before the Japanese court, and for a time the two countries engaged in intense trade. But it did not last long. The Japanese resented the fact that the Aima
had not suspended eyes like themselves,
had white skinmore like Europeans,
and claimed the same territory as the Japanese.
In fact, the Ainu are not even aware that they are a part of the Japanese people.
Indeed, according to Ainu legend, the Ainu lived here hundreds of thousands of years before the coming of the Children of the Sun. Scientists believe that the Ainu may be remnants of the Jomonpeople of prehistoric Japan.
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The Age of War

From 575 to 664, the Japanese tried in vain to drive out the Aima. The Aima, however, resisted fiercely and, without regard to danger, fought back. In 8012, however, the Japanese captured the Aima\’s best warriors and won several victories over the Japanese. By order of Emperor Kanmu, he and his second-in-command were executed. Warfare between the two countries continued for centuries,peaking in the 15th century with the Japanese settlement of Hokkaido.

Heavy Defeat

Although the brave Imus succeeded in crushing the Japanese army, the Japanese reintegrated in 1457 and the Imus suffered a heavy defeat.