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New skin care products

New Products and Skin Care Tips Today.

Among the new products we found the Luna 3 Folio Cleanser and Massager.

Its downside may be its high price, but on the other hand, it\’s a smart gadget that can deep cleanse and anti-aging massage at the same time, saving you money on beauty salon visits. There are several types to choose from. This novelty is unrivaled in facial cleansing.
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In addition, with the help of pulsation, T-Sonic visibly rejuvenates the skin\’s appearance and improves product absorption. Operated via an app downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, and with Bluetooth turned on, a video shows how to operate the product. The product feels good in the hand and on the skin.

On holidays, cleansing and exfoliating wipes are recommended. New cells are formed in the skin and old cells die. Exfoliating wipes help remove dead skin cells. These wipes have two sides that work differently. The exfoliating side contains microbeads that remove dead skin cells. The other side is smooth and can be used to cleanse the skin as well as exfoliate.
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The packaging usually comes in a fully sealable package to keep it from drying out and can easily be packed in luggage.

Another new product and natural marvel is the konjac sponge for morning cleansing. It is especially popular with women who feel organic and prefer natural products. It is also inexpensive and cleanses the skin without unnecessary chemicals. No cosmetics are needed, just this sponge and plain water.Just wet the sponge and rub it over your face a few times. This sponge is full of minerals and antioxidants, and by reducing excess waste in your home, you\’ll feel like you\’ve taken a small step toward protecting nature.