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There is much more to see and do at the Open Air Museum in Wallachia

Are you wondering how to spend a free weekend with your children that will not only be fun but also teach them something? Then don\’t hesitate to visit the Rožnov Open-Air Museum. In this historic town, you can easily find entertainment for the whole day, whether on weekdays or holidays. Moreover, on certain days, special programs full of folk traditions and customs await you. Of course, you can also enjoy a delicious meal at the open-air museum or take advantage of the high quality social facilities available for young children.

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You can explore three historical areas: the village of Wallachia, the mill valley and the wooden town. These are the original wooden buildings of Wallachia, which cannot be found elsewhere. But the attraction of this open-air museum is not merely to see the exterior and interior layout of the individual buildings, but also to meet the “living” historical figures. The younger generation, in particular, can learn how wood was once processed, how children played, how shoes were made, how looms were woven, how grain was milled, and how crops were processed. These are just a few of the activities demonstrated. In addition, if you visit the open-air museum in Wallachia on the days of special events, you can learn many interesting facts about various historical customs related to, for example, Mardi Gras, Easter, and of course Christmas. Throughout the year, there are many interesting exhibitions, concerts, and guided tours.
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One of the great attractions with children is that they can experience many activities and touch everything with their own hands. In the open-air museum, you can also meet live animals that are part of a real village.

And if you feel like going further into the countryside, visit the famous Pustevny, with its unique folk art buildings by architect Dušan Jurkovič.