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To the Giants of Sumava

are so magical that many generations have passed down many stories, fables, and fairy tales about this place. According to one of them, Sumava was once a fertile plateau where crops and cattle ranching flourished. One of the local residents was a farmer who had a farm in the northern part of Sumava, less than 8 km from Nilsko, in the area that is now Mount Plene.
It is said that this farmer had a dispute with a giant who lived nearby. On one occasion, when the farmer went to market, the giants invaded his farm and looted it. Meanwhile, the peasant returned, retrieved a spell book from the rubble, and turned the two giants into a mountain.
kamenitý potok Kvilda
Europe\’s oldest mountain range is full of similar tales, fables, and fabulous stories. It is said that Mount Bubin and Mount Bovik were created when two demons fell in love with a beautiful girl, Marie, and in an attempt to attract her, competed to see who could build the tallest mountain…
Whether Šumava was created by witchcraft and magic or by the forces of nature, it is one of the most beautiful places in our country and every Czech should visit it at least once in his or her lifetime.
Its original name comes from the Celts, who called Mount Sumava Gabreta (Capricorn Mountain). The chroniclers Dalimir and Kosmas wrote of the mountain as a forest (silva) or Bavarian forest. However, the present name was given by the Slavs, who called the mountain “Shuma.”
šumavský potok

Shumava Mountains

Mount Bubin (1362 m)
Mount Cserna Hora (1315 m)
Mount Javornik (1066 m)
Jezerní (1343 m) [25 Luzný (1373 m)
Ostrý (1293 m)
Pancíř (1214 m)
Plechý (1378 m)
Poledník (1315 m)
Roklan (1453 m)
Smrčina (1338 m)
Svaroh ( 1333 m)
Špičák (1202 m)
Třístoličník (1311 m)
Velký Javor (1456 m)

Points of interest

– The main European basin between the North Sea and the Black Sea is the Šmava It flows along a flat ridge. [Average annual temperatures range from 3°C to 6°C. [Many rivers originate in the Sumava. The Vltava, Otava, Vorinitsa, and Branice rivers are among them. [There are unique glacial lakes at altitudes above 1,000 meters. [The entire region is protected and consists of the Shumava National Park, the Bavarian Forest National Park, and the Shumava Protected Landscape Area. [A planet with the number 2403 was named after this mountain range. The least known is the national nature reserve Bouvinsky Plares, declared in 1858.