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Winter Skin Care

Hand care
Do you get gloves right away before you leave home in winter? This protects the hands from frost, but the delicate skin, especially between the fingers, is often strained, and dry scales appear on them. The main thing is to regularly lubricate the hands. And do it several times a day 1. Pack a small pack of hand cream in the handbag and lubricate them as much as possible. If your hands are very stressed, get a cream directly from the pharmacy, which will nourish and soften your hands. Try the wrap. For example, paraffin wrap hands warm and moisturize. It will also focus on the cuticle around the nails that are easy to dry. If you grease the nails before painting, the manicure will look better.
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Do you suffer from dry and rough lips? Does balm or tallow not help you? Take 1 toothbrush to massage the lips and remove the peeled cuticle. Then carefully lubricate the lips. The mask designed for the lips is also great. A cheaper option is to apply a larger layer of honey on the lips. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Hydrated skin
Even if you only use sunscreen during the summer, do not ignore sunscreen during the winter. Buy a nourishing cream designed for stressed skin. Good service will also make a classic baby oil. This is best done in the evening, when you are not in a hurry. It will take time to dry, but you will feel moisturized skin.
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[29 If you do not have time to visit a hairdresser regularly, make a mask at home and do not forget about evening and morning care, which includes cleansing and moisturizing.
Smooth feet
Do not neglect your feet during the winter. Do not forget to regularly remove the keratinized skin with a nail file and smooth your feet. In stores, special masks are available, after which the legs are intensively regenerated.