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Current Web Design Trends

First, let\’s get one thing straight. Trends don\’t happen in a day. Everything takes time and it takes time to come to the forefront. Everything presented here has existed on the Internet for some time. So there is no news you don\’t know about. You just may not realize how popular it is, and how its popularity is constantly growing.

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At first glance, this probably means nothing to you. In design terms,a gradient is a gradationof color. For example, you will notice it in the Instagram logo. In most cases, two tones are used, but three tones can also be seen. It can be thought of as a kind of ombre that changes from one color to another.

Typography and Pornography

The days of just using Times New Roman for everything are long gone. Web designers are realizing that there are countless fonts that make a website or company stand out from the rest. Yes, even the font you choose can make people remember you better.

Capitalized fonts and the visible contrast between footer fonts and sans serif fonts are becoming a major trend. Not only is this easier to read, but it is generally more attractive to users. If they like the font, they are more likely to read the text. In addition, typefaces also evoke emotions and allow for a brilliant presentation of one\’s philosophy.

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End of slider

The slider is on the homepage and consists of several banners. These change gradually, presenting the user with important information at the top. Sliders are often used for discounts and promotions that e-shops currently offer. However, many companies are now replacing banners with videos.

The main reason for the change is that sliders take time and site visitors do not want to wait. For example, visitors can now enjoy showcases of interior design samples, fixture products, and new products in the clothing market. And all of thisin 30 secondsat most…