The new media modules have been developed by an interdisciplinary team of Ontario-based university faculty members, York university students (teacher candidates), practicing teachers,  game designers, critical makers, digital storytellers and artists.

There are currently three modules:

  • learning through game design
  • learning through digital storytelling
  • learning through critical making
  • wikijamming (an extension of critical making: playable on our new media modules wiki)

Modules learning outcomes are designed around the principle of ‘production pedagogies’. Each module invites students to not only engage in theories surrounding new media and new literacies and learning through situated making and design, but to also undertake a culminating self-directed (individual or group) production pedagogy project.

NMM__0000s_0017_blue-apply production pedagogies
The ultimate aim of these modules is to invite you – course instructors and students – to ‘do the theory’, and enact and critically reflect upon forms of student-directed production-centered action across our module themes – and play your own course of learning through the module(s).

In our supporting documents we encourage course instructors to invite students (individually or, better yet, collaboratively) to submit a proposal to you for production pedagogy applications. Models and possible creative/critical works are suggested in each module’s ‘application’ game piece.

Read more about pedagogies of production

NMM__0000s_0016_blue-play overview
This set of learning modules introduces people to key concepts in the theory/practice of learning with and through new media – and learning through creative production and design. Each module combines a ‘path’ of video-works (scholar presentations, case-studies, artist interviews, sets of software tutorials), key readings and educational resources, interactive digital tools (ideation game deck), and possible applications for learning through digital game design, learning through critical making, learning through digital storytelling, and wikijamming.

Registered course instructors, teachers and course directors/developers will be given access to supporting documents with suggested strategies for using/playing the modules – or modding the modules for existing courses or community learning events.

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