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New Media Modules Wiki / New Media Modules

Welcome to the New Media Modules Wiki

Hammer.png This module/sandbox wikimedia platform is an extension of Module 3. To return to the New Media Modules site, click here: New Media Modules

Read/Write and Remix Culture (Video)

Read/Write Culture, Remix and Wikijam


Read/Write Culture, Remix and Wikijam

Read/Write Culture & Wikijamming (Video)

This video features a wikimedia 'quick start' tutorial.

Wikijam Tutorial


Wikijam Tutorial

Models to Disassemble/Reverse-Engineer


Cut and Paste the Databending entry (code level) into a new sandbox page of your own to examine the wikimedia 'code' and learn some wiki-coding conventions (like creating a 'table of contents', new internal links, citations and references, uploading and sizing and tabling images, and creating external links, and so on...

The Wikimedia FAQ/Community has 1,000 more tips/tricks for extending wikimedia possibilities...

Getting started

  • Contact New Media Modules Adminstrator to Access your WikiMedia Sandbox New Media Modules